Tablet PC

DANY presents High technology range of Tablets and Phablets with Ultra sleek looks and stylish designs. Check out our latest range of portable tablet PC here with versatile computing system for people following dynamic lifestyle. 

Genius TAB T-460


Dany Genius Talk T460 Tablet

Now it’s time to talk sense and make smart decisions, only...

Genius Talk T-460 Ultra

The new Genius Talk T-460 Ultra 3G is a stylish and portable...

Genius TAB T-470


Dany Genius Talk T470 Tablet

Now match your footsteps with the world and move fast with y...

Genius TAB T-400


Genius Talk T-4OOs Tablet

Now take smart decisions and enjoy better, only with Genius ...

Genius TAB T-450


Genius Talk T-450 Tablet

Now take smart decisions and stay happy, only with Genius Ta...

Genius TAB T-500


No products found!

Genius TAB G7 Blaster


G-7 Blaster Tablet

Now you can experience big sound on your tablet speaker with...

Genius TAB G7 Metallica


G-7 Metallica Tablet

Now you can experience ultra slim metallic design tablet wit...