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Dany Launched Genius Talk T-460 Smart Tablet

Dany has raised the industry standards for high-quality and innovation throughout the year.  Recently Dany introduced a new model in the list of Genius talk Tablets, which is named as Genius Talk T-460. With the Genius Talk T460 ( ), Dany has achieved a new milestone and added a new member in its Tablet category. Dany is Known for its continues innovations and additions in technology.

This is not end yet, Dany is also giving an exclusive 4in1 accessories Kit with it, this kit include a Smart Leather Case, High Quality Audionic Earphones, Super Fine screen protector, and a lint free cleaning cloth. Dany is offering one year international warranty with this Tablet so customers can easily claim their warranty with in the period of 1 year if they experience any issue on their T460 Tablets, through 22 customer support centers all around the Pakistan.

The high speed 1.3Ghz Processor makes it a Hero product in the market because this model is perfect for video gaming and specially 3D gaming. So this is the most recommended Android tablet/Smartphone for Game lovers. Now come towards its pricing, its price is only 7,999/- PKR. You couldn’t believe this right? Same thing happened to me when initially I checked its price over Facebook page of Dany( ) . I am enjoying it, I will recommend you too to have it and enjoy the world.